The easiest and fastest version control

Whether you’re working on a photo, sketch or 3D scene, a project goes through many phases and ideas as the project evolves. Snowtrack simplifies file version handling of graphic projects so you can focus on your work. Go back to former versions and get rid of cluttered project directories.

The Alpha Preview was an early prototype of Snowtrack.
An updated video will be available soon.

The apps you love. The apps we love.

* Snowtrack supports many more content creation software.

Drag. Drop. Done.

Simply drag & drop your project folder into Snowtrack to get started.

Back to the past.

Track project changes and return to former versions at anytime.

No Project Clutter.

Snowtrack stores all versions in its internal cache – no more project clutter!


Snowtrack supports automatic version tracking, so you don’t need to leave your DDC software.

Snowtrack is based on our open-source community project SnowFS

⦿ What are the system requirements for Snowtrack?

– Apple macOS 14.0 (or higher)
– Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

⦿ Does Snowtrack work with my personal workflow?

Yes! Snowtrack recognizes how unique and personal your workflow is, and it’s Snowtrack’s job to blend in with your style of work.


⦿ Does Snowtrack work in my work environment?

Yes! Snowtrack does not require internet access. It will work when the coffee shop’s WiFi is down.


⦿ Does Snowtrack support cloud storage?

Cloud support is currently under development and will be integrated into Snowtrack later this year. Cloud storage is ideal for backing up versions of your graphics projects or working across multiple devices. Cloud storage will be completely optional. More info


⦿ What is the license model of Snowtrack?

Snowtrack will be available later this year as a perpetual license for a one-time payment, while being free-to-use to inspect existing projects. The optional cloud support will be based on a subscription model.