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Version: v0.9 (Summer Woods)

Behind the Scenes

This chapter requires some technical knowledge, so if you want to explore some geek talk, we invite you to join us behind the scenes of Snowtrack.

Snowtrack is based on SnowFS, our open-source community project, a fast, scalable version control file storage for graphic files. It is free for everyone to use.


To inspect, or to support SnowFS repositories, you can simply download the command-line version and create, inspect and modify projects created with Snowtrack. SnowFS is a lightweight command-line application and library with a focus on binary file versioning.


Feature highlights

  • Supports Branches

  • Asynchronous File Hashing

  • Project open to file-content awareness (e.g: *.psd, *.blend, *.c4d, ..)

  • Super-fast-detection of modifications in large binaries

  • Support for instant snapshots**

  • Support for instant rollback**

  • Support for files bigger >4TB

  • Block-cloning and Copy-on-Write support for APFS, ReFS and Btrfs

  • Support for removing single versions and/or binaries

  • Primarily I/O bound through libuv

  • Feature XYZ made by you!

** If the underlying filesystem supports it (e.g. APFS, ReFS and Btrfs)

Running benchmarks

Example run on a Macbook Pro (2020) with an APFS formatted SSD to check-in, delete and restore a 4GB Photoshop File.

git lfs track *.psd
git add texture.psd: 20164ms
snow add texture.psd: 4596ms
git rm texture.psd: 575ms
snow rm texture.psd: 111ms
git checkout HEAD~1: 9739ms
snow checkout HEAD~1: 77ms <-- Yeah!


SnowFS is licensed under the MIT license, please review the LICENSE file. Excluded from the license are images, artworks, and logos. Please file a request by mail, if you have any questions.

Supported Platforms

Currently, Windows, macOS, and Linux are supported. SnowFS works on plain filesystems like FAT, NTFS, HFS+ and has extended support for APFS, ReFS and Btrfs.

How can I contribute?

See the guidelines for contributing.