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Version: v0.9 (Summer Woods)

Ignore Items

Your project directory can contain a variety of different files. Depending on your personal preference you might want to exclude some of them. After an item is ignored, it is ignored by any operation by Snowtrack. This means, restoring a version or discarding changes leaves them untouched. Snowtrack ignores a variety of unwanted files by default. You can find this list here.

left To ignore an item switch first to the Changed files entry in the left column.

left Select the item you want to ignore and do a right-click it. Select Ignore .... The item is now ignored from any operation by Snowtrack.

How to undo an ignore

Snowtrack has no built-in command to include an item again once it is ignored. Instead edit the hidden .snowignore file in your project directory.

.snowignore files contain patterns that are matched against file names in your project to determine whether or not they should be ignored or not.