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Version: v0.9 (Summer Woods)


Snowtrack is supported on CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu and Debian.

Linux Distri


Snowtrack comes with a built-in updater on Windows, macOS and Linux (only AppImage).

Auto Updater

If Snowtrack is installed through .deb, .rpm or .tar.gz you need to manually install new updates. You will be informed inside the app about newly available updates. But instead of installing the update through Snowtrack, the Download button in the update notification will open your default web browser. You will be then redirected to the download page from where you can manually download the new update.


What is AppImage?​

AppImages can be downloaded and run without installation or the need for root rights. Additionally, the key idea of the AppImage format is one app = one file. In other words, each AppImage has no dependencies other than what is included in the targeted base operating system(s).

How to run AppImage?​

All you have to do is download the AppImage, make it executable and run it. Check out the instructions below:

Run AppImage

Manual instructions​

  • Open your file manager and browse to the location of the AppImage
  • Right-click on the AppImage and click the ‘Properties’ entry
  • Switch to the Permissions tab and
  • Click the ‘Allow executing file as program’ checkbox if you are using a Nautilus-based file manager (Files, Nemo, Caja), or click the ‘Is executable’ checkbox if you are using Dolphin.
  • Close the dialog
  • Double-click on the AppImage file to run