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Version: v0.9 (Summer Woods)

Manage Projects


The sidebar in Snowtrack contains an option called Manage... that allows you to organize your projects.

World Icon

left As the tooltip in the left image already states, a world icon indicates that all versions of this project are stored in the version database. In that case, the entire project (including all file versions) can be restored, even if you delete your project directory.

If you want to delete the project including all versions from the version database, check out the next paragraph Delete project below.

Delete project

You can delete a project including the version database by clicking the menu expansion icon on the right side of the table. Both, the project and the version database are moved to the trash/recycle bin.

Restore Project

All projects whose versions are stored in the version database can be restored by Snowtrack. Within Manage Projects click Restore project. Snowtrack will restore the project at its priginal location.