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June 2021 (Codename Le Plateau)#

Welcome to the June 2021 release of Snowtrack.

Version 0.8.49#

  • File handling - Fixed an issue where Snowtrack failed to load a directory while it is being deleted.
  • System Requirements - Snowtrack failed to operate on a new Windows installation.
  • Updates - Implemented an auto-updater which makes it easier to stay up-to-date.

Auto Updater

Version 0.8.29#

  • Performance - Discarding changes is up to 10x times faster.
  • Stability - Prevent errors that prevent Snowtrack from operating.
  • Manage Projects - A globe icon indicates if the versions of a project are stored in the global version database.

Global Version Database Icon

Demo Projects#

A new Pixelmator project got added to the Demo Project section in the welcome screen. The artwork was created by Chris Hall Draws.

Instagram | Website |

Project Tiger

May 2021 (Codename Glenmount)#

Welcome to the May 2021 release of Snowtrack.

Version 0.8.27#

  • Manage Projects - Manage projects now includes projects from the Recent Projects list
  • Unsaved changes - Improved detection heuristics for text files
  • Performance - Restoring an older item is significantly faster
  • Application Support - Enhanced minor bugfixes for Corel Draw and Pixelmator files
  • Sidebar - Items can now be removed from the Recent Project list


Version 0.8.26#

  • Change detection - Improved change detection in Snowtrack UI by around 15% on MacOS and Windows
  • Unsaved Changes - Snowtrack displayed unsaved changes after a failed Save.
  • Application Info - Snowtrack can now display application names that prevent a discard operation.

Process Info

Version 0.8.25#

  • MacOS Thumbnails - Thumbnails on MacOS may fail to load
  • Performance - Improve performance on Windows

Version 0.8.24#

  • Restore Item - Restoring an item didn't give proper feedback on failure.
  • Links - Fix links to the documentation
  • Other - Fix typos

Version 0.8.23#

  • Ignore Files - Files beginning with Backup_of..* are now excluded by default

Version 0.8.21#

  • ZBrush Support - ZBrush Thumbnails can now be loaded on Windows
  • Cinema 4D Thumbnail - Fixed an issue with the aspect ratio of Cinema 4D files.
  • Loading projects - Fixed an issue where a project loaded forever.
  • Show Next Version - Fixed an issue with the Show Next Version button.
  • Delete versions - Fixed an issue where versions couldn't be deleted.
  • Localization - Fixed several typos

Version 0.8.19#

  • Breadcrumbs - Fixed an issue with the breadcrumb bar that prevented loading projects

  • Only moves files to trash when needed - Items are moved only to trash if they don't have a shadow copy in the version database, otherwise they will be deleted.

  • Navigation - Fixed an issue with mouse button navigation

Version 0.8.12#

  • Timestamps in versions - Better heuristic when to display "X minutes ago" and the full date.

Version 0.8.10#

  • Performance Saving - Creating a new version with files >4GB is 15% faster than before.
  • Menus - Added Changelog and Discord item to the menu

Version 0.8.9#

  • macOS 10.13 Support - The minimum requirement for Snowtrack was lowered to macOS 10.13 High Sierra.
  • Download Progress - Downloading demo projects continues while switchting to another page.
  • Manage Projects - Paginator removed from the Manage Projects view.
  • Not all files are restored on Windows - In some cases restoring an item didn't update the file in the working directory.
  • Notifications - Notifications within the app are covered by the loading screen.
  • All binaries are now code-signed - Snowtrack contains a few helper tools of which all are now code-signed on Windows and macOS.
  • Upgraded to SnowFS v0.9.2 - All latest changes are now merged into Snowtrack

Demo Projects#

Snowtrack now comes with 2 new demo projects, one for Blender, and another for Affinity Photo. They can both be downloaded through the Welcome Screen within Snowtrack.

Project Donut

Affinity Photo

Version 0.8.7#

  • Tracks - Tracks are now visualized by a graph instead of a combo-box.
  • Performance impact when items are ignored - Adding a file to the
  • Creating version while Windows is still copying files - Snowtrack didn't always detect write access by the Windows File Explorer
  • Additional mouse support buttons - Navigation buttons on your mouse can now be used within Snowtrack.
  • Keep file suffixes in version database - Files in the object database will now keep there suffix to raise transparency.


Snowtrack is heavily optimized to load projects with several thousand files. Loading or scrolling just became super smooth.

New Version#

New Performance

Old Version#

Old Performance

April 2021 (Codename Verdun)#

Welcome to the April 2021 release of Snowtrack.

Version 0.8.4#

Thumbnail Support#

Added thumbnail support for ZBrush.

ZBrush Thumbnails

Older Versions#

This is the end of the public changelog.