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Version: v0.10 (Cap Gaspé)

Snowtrack for 2D/3D tutorials


Snowtrack is a fantastic tool for file and project versioning. This chapter is dedicated to creators of 2D/3D graphic tutorials to help them bring their tutorials to the next level.

A lot of creators share the final project file of a tutorial with their audience. Users love to download these as they can immediately start exploring.

left With Snowtrack you can now go a step further and share all versions of your tutorial. This way your audience can inspect the stages and files they are interested in.

How do I start?

The chapter Getting started guides you through the basics of Snowtrack.

How do I export?

Since version 0.8.75 you can export versions to a *.snowproj file and share it. Click on the export icon in the bar above the left project timeline. A dropdown menu will offer you the option to export all tracks, or just an individual one.


Quick Tip: Before you export your project, verify the versions you have created throughout your tutorial. If there is a version you don't want to share, you can easily remove it. Check out this chapter for more information.

What is a *.snowproj file?

Snow Project

A *.snowproj file contains all file versions of your project. The file can be shared with your audience. A double-click or drag-and-drop will unpack and open the project. The user can eventually inspect and restore individual versions.

Who can open *.snowproj files?

The current beta version of Snowtrack is available for free. After the beta phase is over, Snowtrack will be available as a free and paid version. For you, as a tutorial creator, it is important that your tutorials and projects are accessible to your entire userbase. That's why Snowtrack's free version will be able to open *.snowproj files.

*.snowproj files are technically a zip file and can be unpacked with any regular unzipper. You can manually restore the files, or use our free open-source project SnowFS to inspect the project.


After you have installed Snowtrack, download the example project below to experience firsthand how a versioned project can look like.