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Version: v0.10 (Cap Gaspé)

Project Versions



In Snowtrack, the left column represents the project timeline and shows all versions you have created throughout the lifetime of the project in descending order.

Current state

The green check-mark indicates that this version is currently in your working directory.

Restore Files

You can restore all files and directories by clicking the restore button. If there are unchanged files present in your working directory you will be asked to save or discard these changes before you proceed.

Changed files


If a file modification is detected in your working directory, Snowtrack will indicate this by creating an entry called Changed files. Inspect the changes by clicking on this entry.

Use the Create Version button to create a new version.

Snowtrack will copy these changes to the version database to protect them from further modifications. This process may take a few seconds, up to a few minutes, depending on the size and complexity of the changes involved.

If a 3rd-party application is in the the middle of adding changes to your working directory while you press the Create Version button, Snowtrack will detect this, and inform you to repeat the saving process.

After you press the Create Version button, it is highly recommended to wait until Snowtrack has completed backing up your files.

How to delete a version


To delete a version from your project timeline, perform a Right-click on the version and select

Delete Version....

Please note, this operation cannot be undone!

A deleted version might contain files that are not referenced by any other version. A future update of Snowtrack will remove these dangling files in the version database.