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Snowtrack is the intuitive versioning tool for creatives.

Projects grow organically. Artist iterate and explore, clients request variations and change their mind.

After some weeks the project folder now contains work_final.psd, work_final_final.psd, final_final4.psd. Down the line some iterations got lost, some files were saved over, some history ran out.

These problems have elegant solutions in the software industry and Snowtrack is translating these solutions for the creatively minded.

The Team

Hi, I'm Sebastian Rath 👋.

Before Snowtrack I worked at Maxon for eleven years. As an engineer I worked on the inner workings and the build pipeline of Cinema 4D, an Academy Award winning 3D modeling, animation and rendering software.

Hi, I'm Daniel Lanner 👋.

Before Snowtrack I worked as an engineer at Ubisoft, Maxon (where I met Seb) and Pixomondo, an Academy Award winning VFX studio. My focus was usually on pipelines, data transfer and unblocking artists.

Special thanks

Without the following people this project would never have been possible.

Vartika Manasvi · David Drayton · Flo Tasser · Cedric Profijt · Jan Frischmuth · Alex Ray · Oliver Villar · Derek Rein · Gilles Augustijnen · Prasoon Dhapola · Declan McPartlin · Jonathan Dupré · Harald Fischer · Bernd Winkelmann · Glen Johnson · Yegor · Andrei Gîrbu · The DMZ · The Open-Source Community

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We are currently building a community of designers and creatives as early adopters to refine our tools.