Snowtrack Desktop

The Snowtrack desktop client is your all-in-one tool for version control, creative collaboration and file organization. It provides you with an intuitive interface for SnowVCS version control.

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Version control made simple

Version control does not have to be rocket science. No setup required, no commandline required, no IT department required. Create a project and track all of your progress. Never lose progress to corrupt files again. Never be afraid of the undo history running out again.

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Collaboration made simple

Working with multiple people on the same project just got a lot easier. Use Snowtrack and SnowVCS to push and pull versions and share your progress without difficult conflicts and reconciles. Snowtrack just works.

Our collaboration tools are currently only available via our early access program "Snowtrack for Teams"

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"Jamming on a new creative project and using Snowtrack for version control, and I've gotta say I'm loving this tool! Works beautifully with Photoshop, After Effects, Blender, and ZBrush. 👏👏"

Shalom Ormsby
Principal Experience Designer at arm

A file browser for artists

Our version control client comes with a file browser designed for artists. The browser display thumbnails for a lot of file formats your OS hasn't even heard about, e.g. GLTF, Octane Materials, MaterialX, ZBrush and many more...

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Integrated 3D viewport

Hit the space bar and view your 3D files. We support the major 3D exchange and presentation formats .fbx, .obj and .gltf. We are currently working our USD support. Preview any version before restoring it.

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Including some proprietary file formats

Our 3D preview viewport can do more than you might expect. We are constantly partnering up with partners to expand this list.

Adobe Substance Designer

We got out hands on Adobe's Substance SDK. Preview your .sbsar files and edit exposed properties directly within Snowtrack.

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Preview .blend files without starting Blender. See the geometry of your any version without having to restore it.

Publish your work

Snowtrack is not a production tracker. We have however native connections to the best tools and platforms. Publish and share and your versions with the click of a button.

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NVIDIA Omniverse

NVIDIA Omniverse™ is an easily extensible platform for 3D design collaboration and scalable multi-GPU, real-time, true-to-reality simulation.

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CGWire Kitsu

Kitsu is a web application to track the progress of your productions. It improves communication between all stakeholders and simplifies work on different sites and remotely.

Snowtrack Fileshare

When files are too large for email and Dropbox or Google Drive are a hassle. Upload your file with a click from within the Snowtrack client and share the URL. After 48h the files are deleted again.

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Curious to see what's next?

Snowtrack is being developed hand-in-hand with our community. We are only as good as our feedback. If you are curious about our roadmap or have a feature request, join us on Discord.

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Other products

Omniverse Logo

Snow for Cinema 4D

Snow for Cinema 4D is a native integration of SnowFS for your favorite DCC tool. The power of Snowtrack directly in Cinema 4D.

Snow for Blender

Snow for Blender is a plugin of SnowFS in the popular open-source 3D editor. Create versions natively in Blender.


Snow for Unreal Engine (coming soon)

Beyond git and Perforce. Version and iterate with SnowFS natively in Unreal Engine 4 and 5. Submit your work when you're ready.