SnowVCS is a distributed version control system for Games, Animation and VFX with a focus on flexibility and compatibility.

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Asymmetrical and distributed

Setup your system as needed. On-prem, on-set and working from home. Easy iteration and reconcelliation for intermittent network connection.

Optimize data transfer

Query meta data without a local copy. SnowVCS synchronisation is optimized for minimizing data transfer. Go ahead and spin up those Docker containers.

Decouple file storage and versioning

SnowVCS can be configured to use existing storage and synchronisation solutions. We join your tech stack non-intrusively.

Streamlined syncing

Don't clobber your bandwidth with unnecessary syncing process. Get the data you need and start working immediately.

Avoid merge hell. Iterate freely on set with no internet connection and sync your work hassle free when you're back at the office. No need to reconcile.

Distributed Layout

SnowVCS matches any workflow. Arrange your repositories per department, per task or per shot.

Artists can iterate and create versions locally and only publish milestone versions downstream.

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SnowVCS works with all file formats and workflows. We do not force any project setup onto our users. However, our version control system is extremely compatible with version control for Pixar's USD.

USD pipeline structure

USD supercharged and standardised pipelines globally, moving from strictly sequential workflows to parallel workflows. Layers and references resolve to latest published versions of departments.

Snowtrack and SnowVCS are the ideal foundation for introducing additional collaboration into this process.

Asset Resolution

A core element of USD versioning is the asset resolution. Snowtrack is in contact with the Academy Software Foundation to ensure SnowVCS is compatible with all the latest plans and developments.

We are strategists, designers and developers. Innovators and problem solvers. Small enough to be simple and quick.

Part of NVIDIA Inception

NVIDIA Inception helps startups during critical stages of product development, prototyping and deployment. The program will allow Snowtrack to accelerate development on its version control offering through access to cutting-edge technology and industry insights.

The relationships and infrastructure is the foundation for Snowtrack's vision of the future for creative collaboration.

NVIDIA Inception

"A truly promising project solving a key problem for 3D artists."

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Alexandre Bagard
Senior Manager, 3D & Immersive at Adobe

An intuitive client

The Snowtrack desktop client is your all-in-one tool for version control, creative collaboration and file organization. It provides you with an intuitive interface for SnowVCS version control.

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Curious to see what's next?

Snowtrack is being developed hand-in-hand with our community. We are only as good as our feedback. If you are curious about our roadmap or have a feature request, join us on Discord.

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